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Let me show you how you can plan your CE certification in simple steps and carry it out smoothly and worry-free.

I’m here to help you label your products in a CE-compliant process. 

Together, we'll work out a system perfectly tailored to your company’s needs, guiding you to CE certification quickly and reliably.

Do you feel you’re not sufficiently familiar with the CE standards and EU regulation 425/2016? Do you need help with the implementation of the certification process? With the creation of the technical file? Or do you need advice regarding your choice of testing institute?

With all the relevant knowhow, I can support you in setting up a certification system that makes the entire process transparent, while also ensuring that everyone involved knows exactly what their role is in the process.

I bring ten years of experience in the certification and product compliance of motorbike clothing to the task. During this time, I have worked with numerous manufacturers and helped them achieve their CE certification successfully.

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If any of the following applies to you, I’m the right partner for you:

You currently lack the capacity to carry out CE certifications in-house.

I’ll gladly take over this task for you. I can manage, coordinate and supervise your product certification with a great deal of experience, care and passion.

You’d like to set up a safe certification process.

Together, we’ll work out a process enabling you to prepare for future certifications in a targeted and structured manner.

You need help creating the technical file.

I’ll be happy to support you in this. If required, I can also provide you with these documents in 22 languages.

You feel like you’re investing too much money in certifications

Thanks to my database, you’ll never again have to test materials twice or miss important milestones in the certification process.

You’ve had to do a product recall in the past.

Let me support you in setting up and carrying out the certification process in an error-free fashion from the get-go, so you rest assured that there won’t be any more product recalls.

You've lost yourself in the jungle of regulations.

Together, we'll identify which regulations are relevant for your company. 

Putting practical experience into action!

For the past ten years, I’ve worked at BMW Motorrad as a full-time employee in the area of motorbike protective clothing. As such, I was involved in the development and certification of our BMW products. For more than 25 years now, I’ve been professionally involved in product certification and product compliance.

I’ve worked in the development, production, certification and quality assurance of PPE and can draw on a wealth of experience with different types of PPE (Categories II and III).

Today, I work as an independent consultant helping PPE manufacturers to successfully carry out the CE marking process.

With a German university degree in Garment Engineering and an MSc in Manufacturing and Technology (UK), I consider myself a product expert. I'm also a member of the DIN working group DIN/NA 075-05-09 AA and of CEN/TC 162 WG9 (standards group for motorbike protective clothing). In this role, I was actively in developing the new EN17092 series of standards among other tasks. I’ve also held positions as a part-time lecturer at various universities on the side over past years.

Let me manage, coordinate and monitor your product certification with experience, care and a great deal of passion.
So that you can invest your time in what truly matters to you and fully relax.

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The new Market Surveillance Regulation has been in force since July 19, 2021.
Now is the time to get your product certified.