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Regulation (EU) 425/2016, Product Safety Act, Textile Labeling Regulation. How can anyone be expected to keep track?

Product compliance

An increasingly important topic

If you're a manufacturer, let me show you how to implement the requirements of the regulation and the Product Safety Act in a targeted manner. This will save you a lot of trouble later on. Nothing is worse than a product recall due to formal errors. Through my practice-proven training course, you will be in a position to prevent this from happening. Let me guide you and show you precisely what needs to be done. Together, we can make certain that you and your team take all relevant points into consideration – so that you can sign the declaration of conformity with a clear conscience.

Are you familiar with the requirements?

That's the first step in product compliance. find out which requirements you need to be familiar with.

Everyone understands them fully?

Easier said than done. Let me show you what the individual regulations mean in a clear and simple manner.

Do you know how to implement them?

Who has to do what? And by when? Anchor deadlines and responsibilities firmly in your process.

Product recall, administrative offense or warning due to formal errors?

Unfortunately, it frequently happens that a manufacturer, importer or even distributor receives a warning for non-compliance with the regulation or legal provisions.

At worst, a product recall is ordered. The resulting damage can be catastrophic for a company.

If we're honest, no one truly enjoys reading the relevant regulations. What's more, such regulations are often phrased in a way that makes them hard to understand or derive the right actions from them.

To prevent this from happening, it's important that the requirements are well-known within the team and the relevant tasks firmly anchored in the development process. Every team member must know what they need to do and when to do it by.

In the training session, you will learn which requirements you need to be familiar with and how to implement them in a targeted manner. Together, we'll uncover any "blind spots" and find the right solution – so that in the future, you'll get it right from the start.

Through coaching, you'll learn how to implement the multitude of regulations quickly and easily.

This way you can put the risk of receiving a warning behind you once and for all. No more sleepless nights because of the worry that you might have to take your product off the market!

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The new Market Surveillance Regulation has been in force since July 19, 2021.
Now is the time to get your product certified.
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