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Let me show you how to manage and easily pass your CE certification - in a clear and simple way.

CE process

Do you need help with any aspects of the CE marking?

With good planning, the type examination becomes a walk in the park.

I'll be happy to develop a suitable certification plan for you. All milestones and responsibilities will be anchored in this plan.

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So that you don't lose valuable time that you might need at the end of the process.

So that you don't have to deal with testing labs and save yourself a great deal of stress.

So that the entire certification process becomes quick and smooth.

Planning security at last

It's important that everyone in the development team knows their tasks in the process and makes sure that the required documents are available at the right time and in the required quality.

By using a cutting-edge database, each step in the creation of the technical file is monitored to ensure that all documents are available. This will guarantee from the get-go that a complete set of documents is sent to the test lab as required.

All in all, you'll gain planning security throughout the certification process. In other words: no more stress, no more e-mail ping-pong with the test lab, and starting up your production with confidence.

Let me help you avoid any time delays in the certification process.

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The new Market Surveillance Regulation has been in force since July 19, 2021.
Now is the time to get your product certified.
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